The Recovery of the Ground and Practice of the Local Churches


The Ground 

The Practice 


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  1. The Recovery of the Church Ground
    1. The Definition of the Church Ground
      1. Not the Foundation but the Site
      2. The Three Crucial Elements of the Church Ground
        1. The Unique Oneness of the Universal Body of Christ
        2. The Unique Ground of Locality of a Local Church
        3. The Reality of the Spirit of Oneness
    2. The Genuine Ground of the Church Keeping the Genuine Oneness of the Church in Practicality
    3. The Base of the Genuine Fellowship of the Believers
  2. The Recovery of the Practice of the Local Churches
    1. The Need of the Local Churches
    2. The Many Expressions of the One Body of Christ
    3. Existing in a Locality as a City
    4. The Administration of a Local Church
      1. By the Elders
      2. Not Under the Control of a High Church
      3. With the Ministry of the Apostles, Prophets, Evangelists, and Shepherds and Teachers
      4. Without Any Absolute Autonomy or Federation
    5. The Building Up of a Local Church